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PU Sandwich Panel Production Line On Sales

Blessed with a group of professionals, our firm counted as leading Exporter of Polyurethane Sandwich Panel Line in Shanghai. Whole line make up of Auto decoilers, roll forming machines, Flat polyurethane sandwich panel production line pre-cutting apparatus, Transporting Conveyors, Steel plate pre-heating, Pressing machine, Tracking cutting, PLC control system, PU foaming machine, Hydraulic system and Pneumatic system etc..
Global Sandwich Panel market is segmented on the basis of Material, Type, Application, and Region. XINRI sandwich Is a kind of light weight energy saving wall material taking reinforced fiber cement board as face panel, within cement, EPS, fly chemical. Equipment is divided into Facing sheet profiling part and PU insulation part.

We have a enormous experience in the creation of gluing equipment being the first machinery manufacturer in the world in designing a machine that is two-component for adhesive formula with fillers. Polyurethane Sandwich Panel Line is the automation equipment that can efficiently and continuously produce polyurethane sandwich panels of shapes.
Heated air strictly control the temperature of PU foaming, recycle oven and solidification in a variety.

Electric Consumption Project Price, less waste and Manufacturing stability for Greater Production Capacity Comparable and PIR Sandwich Panels to a Continuous Line will make our Clients more Profitable for their Generation Business.

The wall panel is made of 75 EPS purification plate. Select and compare a wide range of high quality Chinese Sandwich Panel Line on GlobalSources. Eps Sandwich Panel Roll Forming Machine XF type clip center board line can make chemical board. Productin line from uncoiler, roll forming, pu foaming, solidifying, mechanically cuttingedge, runout table ( opetional: auto stacker, auto packing ) to realize the auotmatically production procedure.
Continuous PU Sandwich Panel Line for the arc down-profile profile bending machine, the machine's two side roller is your main drive roller, three working rolls may also be the main drive roller, the roller place fixed, two side rollers It is helpful to control the forming process of the profile, and the roller comes with the roller device on either side, which is helpful to ensure the rolling quality of the asymmetric profile.

Continuous PU Sandwich Panel Line Characteristics: Corrugated Plate Arc Bending Machine can be a material to finish school round procedure and the roll around; profile bending machine structure is complete function, according to release that is vertical or the user use.
We have a enormous experience in the creation of gluing equipment being the first machinery manufacturer in the world in designing a two-component machine. Polyurethane Sandwich Panel Line is the automation equipment that can continuously and efficiently produce polyurethane sandwich panels of exquisite and diverse shapes.
It is a system that continuously gives shape as steel coil fed from Un-coiler is engaged between the upper and lower parts of a metal roller. Rim Polymers can provide Turnkey Constant PU Sandwich Panel Plant for construction, roofing, and cold storage applications.

Continuous PU Sandwich Panel Line is at home and abroad more advanced profile molding equipment, is used in petroleum, chemical, steel structure, machinery manufacturing and other sectors of various round flange production. 4. Steel sheets can be fed by hydraulic material discharge rack and maintain accuracy.
The roof panel is made of color steel sheet. It makes variety wall and roof type panel's delicate and lovely shape. A suitable control panel is equipped with for customers' control of various data needed for foaming process. Home HS Code Tariff Sandwich panel Contact Us ( 86) (0) 10 64725114 email protected or email protected China trade data report:Quick guide of export to China, Macro perspective of China export market.

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